Sunday, February 02, 2003

OMG! Oh my GOSH! You will not believe what just happened! I just left youth group, and after everybody left it was Jimmy, Anna, and me in the parking lot and we were stopped at Jimmy's van talking. And we hear this like screeching of tires in the Child Development services parking lot and it's this white car and this black guy jumps outta the car and starts running like a bat outta hell And Jimmy said something like it looked like he did something wrong and I called 911 on my cell and Jimmy took it and he was talkin to the operator or whatever and he starts walkin across the parking lot to see where the guy went. I was sooo freaked out, I though jimmy was gonna get shot or something (he didn't) Anyway, what it was, was this black guy had held this guy up at gun point and stolen his car! But there were a bunch of cops down town so he left the car and ran off
When I was driving home, there is that stretch of Hampton where there is like NOBODY and I was freaking out like OMG what if he's still out there, gonna pull me over and take my car... Not that anybody would really want my car...but it was soooo freaky... I almost started crying on the way home... I was shaking so bad.

Well that was MY excitement for the year. You?

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