Thursday, February 13, 2003

Okay, to explain the different sexies, because I hear it needs explaining. There's smooth sexy, rugged sexy, cute sexy, tough sexy (similar to rugged, but sexy in it's own way). There's also hmm, how do I put this nicely. I don't wanna say scrawny pale guy, but you know those emo and punk and geek guys... I'll just call it emo sexy... Next! original, sharp (as in sharp dressed man)and several others. Let's see... examples... Firemen are tough sexy... sting is smooth sexy, andy b. is emo sexy, military men are sharp sexy, ben affleck is cute sexy, hmm, cowboys are rugged sexy.

Collin Farrel (sp?) and Orlando Bloom are pretty hot, too. Orlando Bloom is my current fave, if anyone was wondering what I want for Valentines day... I'm over Ben Affleck, he's to cutesey and toooo hooked w/ J.Lo.

Oh, and of course, anyone who makes good music is sexy. I define good music as any music that someone out there honestly believes in their heart of hearts is beautiful.


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