Friday, February 07, 2003

Okay, please everybody read this quote: "I meant it, but I didn't know what I meant... Everyone knows diary's are just full of crap." Okay? And if that's not enough for you people, I will just stop writing how I feel in my dairy. No more stuff about guy problems, at all. Okay? Now shut up and leave me alone, freaks

I never said I hated him. EVER. I was, however, pissed at the CGA... because they changed him. But I was angry at the time. "I mean't it, but I didn't know what I meant" Meaning I didn't mean it, you freaks. Anyway, I wasn't pissed at him. In fact, I was more pissed at myself most of the time. If you check out
Monday, January 27 , you'll see that I was upset because I was a "shitty girlfriend." All I ever said about him was that I'm crazy and he really upset me. Geez, it's not like you people are supposed to understand this! It's MY dairy. You guys are reading wayyyy to much into this. (Oh and those caps are written in emphasis, not anger okay? So don't get all upset because I'm yelling, because I'm not. Yea, you know who you are...)

Y'all are a buncha freaks.

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