Sunday, February 23, 2003

Okay, Next, to explain the call-me-sexy and call-me-beautiful modes. I had to explain it to Banks, so I'll just c'n'p.

FairiKitty (8:42:38 PM): Right now, I'm in the, as I say, call-me-sexy mode. Not a relationship or anything romantically involved. The call-me-sexy mode is where I flirt and tease. I don't want relationships until I get into the call-me-beautiful mode
navyallthewaybby (8:42:52 PM): lol
FairiKitty (8:43:17 PM): So if anyone falls for me during the call-me-sexy mode, they usually get hurt
FairiKitty (8:43:39 PM): Because I'll flirt and tease one day and the next day I'm flirting and teasing someone else
navyallthewaybby (8:43:48 PM): i noticed....

Please don't inquire as to why his explanation was necessary.

Okay, I'm wondering if I have my mom's psuedo psychic abilites. Sometimes my mom can know what happens before it does. Really super weird. She knew that tiffany was over exagerating her "hurt" ankle when we were in Germany. Mom was still in Iceland. That's just one.

I had a feeling that after we went to Joe's Crab Shack, Liz would ask me to sleep over, so I packed an overnight bag. I did spend the night.

I knew that Chris was gonna come home for Pres. weekend. I just knew it. No evidence, nobody told me. I just had a feeling he would. I find out about a week later that he did.

I've had a feeling for some time that Chris liked Liz. I'm a bit of a jealous person sometimes. but it's not my place anymore. Well, he does like Liz.

I have a bad feeling about John Haut right now. That's never a good thing. But I'll tell ya when we need to start worrying...

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