Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Oh My Gosh! I just realized I totally didn't tell everybody what happened. Well I was dating this guy and he goes to the US Coast Guard Academy, and he can't date enlisted. Well I signed up for the Navy but nothing was like set in stone. I was planning on doing NROTC. I made the final decision to enlist a few months later. When we broke up in January, he immediatly began taking more of a liking towards this girl who I was good friends with. He came home for President's Day weekend and didn't tell me. That sort of bothered me, but not so much as that he went out with Liz when he got home. I discover that he really really likes her. He's liked her for a long time. I think he was just to much of a pussy to break up with me himself, and just waited it out. He couldn't just be a man and be straight with me and tell me the truth!

You know, there's this guy at my youth group who touches girls where he shouldn't... when Chris came to youth group... he couldn't say, "leave my girlfriend alone" or "don't touch my girl again" nooo, he couldn't stand up for me like a good boyfriend.

Oh well. Their loss.

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