Sunday, February 16, 2003

my electric toothbrush hieronymous has a superiority complex because he thinks that hes so much better than me and we often get into arguments over which one of us is cooler and he always wins and its very disappointing when your toothbrush beats you in a debate but thats ok because next time im going to be ready for him and im going to say "yeah your name might be hieronymous and thats really cool and stuff but i can do this" and then im going to brush my teeth with him because everyone knows that brushing your teeth with your enemy is the highest insult around because you cant be very cool if somebodys using you to clean their teeth but then hieronymous said "hey i dont have to take that from a dork like you" and then picked me up and decided that i would be a good substitute for dental floss which was very degrading

Patrick's away message!

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