Friday, February 07, 2003

Man, if strangelybeingme or jobabe1621 read this... I can't tell you how obvious it was that you are the same frickin person, if not two friends workin together to mess with people... That was lame. Grreeaaat entertainment for me though! jobabe1621 really knew how to be a b****! I was impressed. Reminded me of jealous highschool girls...

If anyone wants to know, strangelybeingme IMed me and we were chattin and then jobabe1621 IMed me and told me to back off, that strangelybeingme was her bf. and we were like talking and she was trying to piss me off. It was really funny actually, and every time she would say something, he would say, that's a lie. That's a lie... and obvious that they were the same person, if not two people working closely. So, great entertainment, but lame. And they logged off at the same time. Fun stuff! :-P

Feel free to harass them! I intend to on my other screen name(s) :-)

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