Thursday, February 27, 2003

Just to letcha know, my away message said %n for every time the song said you...

Girl Wonder Ava: brb I have to go to the store
navyallthewaybby: ok
Auto response from Girl Wonder Ava: There's something about navyallthewaybby that makes me fly, navyallthewaybby's just like a heart attack, just the kind I like. and there's something about navyallthewaybby's kiss so haunting and strange, That made me feel so good...
Girl Wonder Ava: Back
navyallthewaybby: Cool
navyallthewaybby: about your away message (i'm not taking this serious btw) but my kissing sucks
navyallthewaybby: ask the expert
Girl Wonder Ava: Yea wasn't about you
Girl Wonder Ava: You should see this phat dress my sister bought off of e-bay
navyallthewaybby: ...
Girl Wonder Ava: Its red velvet 1940's authentic hand made swing dress
navyallthewaybby: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
navyallthewaybby: i've gotta learn sex
Girl Wonder Ava: ...
navyallthewaybby: swing!
navyallthewaybby: swing!
navyallthewaybby: swing!
Girl Wonder Ava: ...
Girl Wonder Ava: ...
navyallthewaybby: i'm sorry
navyallthewaybby: i'm gonna kill myself now
Girl Wonder Ava: Tell me...
Girl Wonder Ava: Where the freak did that come from?
navyallthewaybby: i don't know!
Girl Wonder Ava: Surree....
navyallthewaybby: my fingers had a mind of their own!
Girl Wonder Ava: Them too, oh?

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