Monday, February 03, 2003

Hey! I realized something. They way I drive is just like the way I live. Most of the time I have a destination. Sometimes the freedom of the open road exhilarates me. Then there are the times when the darkness of the night closes in on you. Sometimes you're not paying enough attention and you crash. Sometimes you close your eyes for a second and your whole world falls apart. I have driven around for a couple hours before, no destination, just taking time to think. Then later I regret the waste in gas. Sometimes I don't like the turn and exits I take, but I keep on going. Sometimes I'm dissapointed to have to come home, and sometimes I look forward to it. Sometimes I just want to drive off into the night... somewhere unknown and forget life. I want to do things I haven't done before, but I can't. Then there are the days that wonder what it would be like to ram into the Jersey Barriers or the overpass columns at 65-70 miles an hour. Not often does that happen anymore.

But anyway,

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