Sunday, February 23, 2003

Guy at youth group, Roy Harmon. We all were watching a video from SCYC last year and then APeX showed up. And Tiffany was like, "Hey Mary! It's Gene!" Because, as I have professed before, I am going to marry Gene Monterastelli (what a cool last name!). And I explained to Roy that I was going to marry Gene.
Roy asked "Why? Is he hot?"
"Well," I said "Yea, he's sorta hot. He's gotta great personality, he's real cute.." and at this point, Roy says
"Oh, no.. Never marry a man for personality! You'll regret it for the rest of your life,"
"So, marry for money?" I ask.
"Marry for looks first, then money," and then I say,
"Well, you know I gotta marry someone who can dance"
"Yea" he says
"Yea, that's like number one for me."
"Wow! Well, I don't know too many white guys who can dance" he says
"Yea," I say, "I know about two... maybe Gene knows how to dance!"

He was kidding, of course. It was funny. Then this one point Gideon was like "Phil Miller!" I was like whhaaaattt? and Gideon said Roy looked like Phil Miller. I told Gid he was crazy. Then Roy says, well is Phil Miller hot? and I said yea. And roy says, well we have one thing in common!

I convinced Roy Patrick and Candice to go to SCYC! Yess! I'm an ADULT this year! Score....


Well I wanna write more but I have to go away now.

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